America’s Perception on Dietary Fat is very skewed

Thought I would forward some information on to everyone regarding dietary fat. Fat is an interesting and fascinating topic that I have studied extensively in preparation for writing my book. I have heard loved ones comment several times about not eating something because it has too much fat.  Let me just say this. America’s perception on fat is more scewed than any other topic when it comes to food. Even the nutrition action newsletter that millions of subscribers reiceive in the mail, published by the Center For Science in the Public Interest, seems to have an agenda and an emphasis on low fat diets.  Well, here is the low down on fat. I have probably now read 100’s if not thousands of articles on the topic of fat, from journal entries, chapters in books, classrooms discussions, entire books on the subject, etc.  A chapter of my book will be on fat and I can honestly say that I feel as if I am an expert on the topic. The underlying point that I have learned in all my research, which is also an essential part of the teachings on fat from virtually all notable scholars is this; IT IS NOT THE AMOUNT OF FAT IN YOUR DIET BUT THE TYPE OF FAT IN YOUR DIET. That is the one lesson that America needs to learn.  The low fat craze that swept the nation in the 1980’s and 1990’s has terribly failed and has led to more people being overweight and obese than normal weight. Today 66 percent of the American adult population is overweight or obese with 4 of the top 10 killers in America being diet and lifestyle related.  Anyway, back onto the topic of fat, 60% of our brain is composed of fat and cholesterol. We need a significant source of fat in our diet for virtually every major bodily function. It helps our body maintain proper temperature, brain function, blood regulation, etc. It is one of our main components of our body that protects all the vital ograns.  Needless to say, we can’t live without it, or too low amount of it in our diet.  So again, back to the notion that it’s not the AMOUNT of fat in our diets but the TYPE
of fat. Fat from french fries, processed foods, junk chocalate, cookies, pastries, fried foods, cappuccino’s, etc. are all bad sources of fat. And remember, this is one of the reasons why Americans are getting fat. We as a culture are eating too much of the wrong types of fats, mainly through processed foods.  Good sources of fat include raw nuts of any kind, avocados, olive oil,dark chocalate with at least 85% cocoa content, fish, coconut milk and oil, whole dairy products, seeds, saturated fat from grass fed beef and wild game (such as bison) are all good healthy sources.  Many foods on the above list contain essential fatty acids.  Some nutritionists have even gone on record to call them “essential thinny acids” because of their ability to aid the body in burning more calories. (More information on Essential Fatty Acids Coming Soon). Think of them as thermogenic aids. That’s right, I am saying that good old fashion healthy fats can actually help you to lose weight and increase your metabolism. So make sure you are getting enough fats in your daily regime, at least 25 to 30% of your diet should be from fat and could be much higher depending on your needs.  It may also seem a bit strange to you that I am recommending whole dairy products (IE: Whole Milk as opposed to 2% milk), given that this is the exact opposite of what you have been taught by so many health professionals.  Whole Dairy products including whole milk were greatly emphasized at Bauman College Boulder Campus when I attended school there.  The majority of nutrients in milk is found in the fat.  When you are buying skim milk, you are literally buying whole milk that goes through a process in which they “skim” the fat off the top of the surface an thus remove most of the nutrients.  I would consider whole milk to be a healthy wholesome food, I would consider skim milk to be nutritional dead food with very little of the nutrients still in tact.  Of course, increased fat consumption means more calories as well, since their are nine
calories in each gram of fat compared to four in each gram of carbohydrate.  If someone is already eating too many calories in their diet and not getting enough exercise, I probably would NOT recommend whole dairy products to that peson.  However, most women take in far too few calories for fear of gaining weight. In fact, many women take in less calories than their resting metabolic rate, which is simply a recipe for gaining weight… But calorie restriction or low calorie diets is a whole other topic I won’t get into right now. (***More to come on this HOT TOPIC***) Hope that this information helps and that you experiment with adding more fats into your diet. Remember, that the addition of healthy fats can have a very positive effect on your body…… Don’t be surprised if you start losing weight!!!!

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