The Luckiest Man in the World!!!

Here I was standing in the middle of Manhattan, at the largest nutrition school of its kind in the world, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I kept asking myself how learning a topic like food and health could be so interesting, so captivating, so magical…..  But it was.  In the middle of our class at Jazz at Lincoln Center, the lights went out, the music came on and everyone including the teacher started going wild. Words cannot describe what it’s like to be standing in a room in New York City with thousands of energetic people dancing because they are high on life. The floors shook as people waved their hands in the air.  The florescent lights spun around the room as if you were at a U2 concert. I just could not believe my eyes, which started to tear from the excitement. I don’t know what it is that is happening to me but I can honestly say that my experience after just 2 weekends at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition has forever changed my life.  To all my friends at IIN, I can’t wait for next weekend!!!!!!! The song we all rocked out to is posted above…….

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