The Dairy Dilemma???

Ever since the California Milk Processors Board(CMPB) was established in 1993, American’s perception of milk being a healthy staple in the American diet has only been strengthened. But, more and more research is showing the exact opposite. Perhaps the FDA and the Dairy Industry have a little too close of a relationship together. The “Got Milk” and “Milk Does a Body Good” campaign started by the CMPB have all proved to be extremely successful for the dairy industry. And then let’s not forget the whole Milk Processor Promotion Board who came up with the incredibly clever marketing scheme, the “Milk Mustache” campaign. Everyone from mythical superheros like Superman, Batman and Wolverine to well known celebrities such as Beyonce and Usher have bared the white mustache at some point in their careers. World Class Athlete and Swimming icon Darra Torres has even been called “Dairy” Torres for all of her famous ads bearing the famous white upper lip and showing off her incredibly ripped and muscular physique.. Whoa Baby!!! She must have drank a lot of milk to look like that…. But as mentioned earlier, dairy may have another side to the story, a side that the milk industry does not want you to hear about. But here is the plain truth about dairy. Milk has the lowest amount of calcium compared to nuts, seeds, whole grains or dark leafy green vegetables. In addition, Milk does not protect our bone health!  Americans drink a lot of milk, but our rates of Osteoporosis is one of the highest in the world. Milk also has an incredibly high amount (sometimes at unsafe levels) of environmental contaminants including pesticide residues, antibiotics, and estrogen steroids. Then there is the whole food allergy issue. More people are lactose INtolerant than are tolerant because they lack the specific enzyme lactase to break down the lactose.  To top things off, dairy promotes inflammation in the body and may cause prostate cancer, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. And don’t forget the fact that most cows in America are pumped full of steroids to make them bigger, fed unnatural diets to cut animal feeding costs, milked to the point of mastitis (udder inflammation which produces puss), never see sunlight because they are confined to pens, and fed heaps of antibiotics because the animals are always in a diseased state.  In a nutshell, the white mark on your upper lip is from your milk in your glass which is from the carton in your fridge which is from a shelf in a supermarket which is from an animal that is sick, fat and pumped full of the steroids. Yummy!!! But, is their another side to the dairy argument? Absolutely… My next blog post will cover the health benefits of Raw Milk from healthy organic grass fed cows.  And just for the record, there is a big difference in quality.. It’s kinds of like comparing an old Ford at the junkyard to a hot new yellow Ferrari……..


Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

American Fitness Professionals and Associates

One thought on “The Dairy Dilemma???

  1. Kelsey

    So what your saying is that it is okay for me hate milk?! :).. Because that is different from what I have heard my entire life… great blog posts. They are not only intriguing, but also informative.

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