It’s amazes me how far people will go to lose a couple of pounds. Weight loss is like a drug, people seek out fast benefits that they can see almost immediately without ever thinking about the long term health consequences that go along with it. Take for instance the “New” and super controversial HCG diet featured on ABC, NBC and Fox News. The diet’s key ingredient is a hormone found in pregnant woman that is injected into the “dieter” to help that person lose weight.  Has our country gone mad! I mean seriously, are the people who think of these things utterly insane. Injecting yourself with a pregnancy hormone to lose weight. What is wrong with this picture! Just for the record,  anyone, and I mean ANYONE can lose weight by doing two simple things. Are you ready for it?? Here it is: Healthy Eating and Exercise. Yep, that’s it. Those are the only 2 things needed in this crazy world that are safe, effective and free. The last time I checked, it didn’t cost anything to go for a walk outside. And guess what, you are most likely NOT going to grow a third ear or develop a strange rash from walking. Back to the  HCG diet, proponents including M.D.’s argue that the diet works! HCG diet website’s claim that you can lose 20 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks or 40 lbs in 6 weeks.  As a personal trainer, health coach and nutrition consultant, I can tell you right now that this rate of fat loss is not safe nor effective long term. But back onto the diet, from what I understand it has you on a 500 calorie a day food deprivation plan. Hmmm, can we say STARVATION! I have found several internet sources and people talking about how they were on these 500 calories diets for 45 days or more. Think about eating half a hamburger for breakfast and than not being able to eat again until the next day. The average active person should consumer between 1,950 and 2,500 calories a day according to the American Council on Exercise, which is a leader in health and fitness and an organization I am certified by as a personal trainer. Problem is, what happens when you shift from  eating 500 calories a day (starvation mode) back to a normal caloric intake. I guess you are supposed to eat 500 calories a day for the rest of your life. No big deal. Forget about lunch and dinner. A breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat toast and a glass of orange juice would break those numbers. Just for the record, Calorie Restriction does NOT work and actually induces weight gain! Let’s not forget about that crazy hormone you have to take either. HCG is medically prescribed for infertility treatments as well as for delayed development in young males. This means that your diet can help with some development in those “special” areas, like say the prostate or ovarian cancer. I hope that this diet get’s dismissed as something that is actually safe and that HCG gets banned for “diet” specific uses. If it doesn’t, I’m sure that are rates of prostate and ovarian cancer will continue to rise to even higher levels.  Bottom line, don’t listen to all the BULLSHIT that the media is feeding us. If you are interested in losing weight safely and effectively, please log on to No pills, no gimmicks and most importantly no injections of a pregnancy hormone. Yippee!!!!!

The following is a short video of the HCG diet as seen in the NEWS.

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