The Best Day of Your Entire Life. Check this out!!

Now I know what your thinking here, this is a nutrition blog right, where I am supposed to be writing about things like eating and food? However, something powerful is happening to me in another arena and I felt compelled to write about it. Answer this one question before continuing on with the rest of this article. It’s really fun. Question: What was the single greatest day of your life? Seriously take a minute to think about that. It could be your wedding, the birth of a child, a sporting event you won in high school, college graduation, etc. You get the idea. Now would if I said that every single day of your existence can be the Best Day of Your Entire Life. Got you wandering yet??? The reason for me writing this article is because I seem to be having more and more of The Best Day of my Life kind of days on a regular basis. I will give you an example here of exactly what I am talking about. A week or two ago, I took my father rock climbing at a crag called Ralph Stover on the Eastern rolling hills of Pennsylvania, just west and a stones throw away from Trenton, NJ. The day was awesome, perfect climbing weather (mid 70’s and sunny), my dog was with us (Mama), and my dad did AWESOME! At the end of the day my father and I (and my dog tied to our table) ate at one of the many street side cafe’s in the little bustling town of New Hope, Pa. We both sucked down one of the largest  burgers I have ever seen!! (Just for the record, I still eat a greasy burger and fries from time to time).  As I was sitting there at our table watching my father try to fit this Burger Monstrosity into his mouth, I smiled and thought to myself that this has to be THE GREATEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. It was truly the ending to a perfect day. I was so happy that it brought tears of joy to my eyes(thank god for Big/ Fashion Sunglasses)!!!! Just one week later I was sitting at Pure Food and Wine in NYC (which is one of the hottest Raw Food’s Restaurants in the country) with 6 beautiful/intelligent woman thinking to myself the exact same thing. With glass of wine  in hand and the twinkling of the lights strung around the outdoor patios upper ceiling, I smiled and thought to myself that this is THE GREATEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Here is the icing on the cake to the story.  Just yesterday, I went down to the Jersey shore after I heard it was going to be warm. Long story short, I ended up spending the entire day on the beach, with my parents and my dog, no crowds, perfect temps, overhead surf, etc. And once again I thought the exact same thing. My point here is that if someone like me could have 3 of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE in such a short period of time, WHY NOT EVERYDAY?? I realize now that it really isn’t what you do that makes your day truly special, it is your ATTITUDE towards it.  I think most people pass blindly through life, as I once did, not appreciating the simple fact that every single god for saken breathing moment is truly special. So next time your out and about, speeding through your busy lives like a shooting star in the sky, take a moment to stop and appreciate the Best Day of Your Life. I am positive that what you think of will bring a HUGE smile to your face and an instant feeling of joy. Please feel free to comment on this article on the link below and type a one sentence description of THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. I am interested with what people have to say here so please post something. In the teachings of Eckart Tolle, the past is something that is non-existent, it leaves memories but is not really finite, the future is just a believed intangible perception of what is to come. All we really ever has is the NOW! The point here is this.

Start making the NOW the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

Please Note: All of the photos  in this article are actual photos taken on the 3 BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE which I had recently!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Best Day of Your Entire Life. Check this out!!

  1. Colleen Scheeler

    I loved the post, and great pictures of your parents! They look fantastic! I felt inclined to share a recent “BEST DAY OF MY LIFE MOMENT” Stacy & I are intensely training for a Tri….I left work last night feeling exhausted and frustrated…raced home, only to find that our planned swim was going to be late…making me more upset….finally after racing to the river….it was a beautiful 80 degrees with a slight breeze, we unloaded the boat, jumped in and took off…ahhh…then we geared up, swam over a mile in perfectly calm water with a setting sun in the background. Stacy and I sprinted the last short distance, flipped over on our backs and started laughing, and completed the swim with our typical sister high five. And I thought, “it doesn’t get better then this”. Thanks for sharing Curtis, it reminds me that I often overlook these moments, and should slow down and appreciate how lucky I am. Hope you are well!

  2. Hi Curt, Honored you had a Best Day at my restaurant (Pure Food and Wine). 🙂 This came up on my google alerts. It was a great post, something I need to be reminded of. Hope we’ll see you again!! Cheers!! Sarma

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