The Law of Attraction: This will inspire you!

After hearing Deepak Chopra speak this weekend in New York City, I felt compelled to write something that will surely inspire others. If you have not heard of Deepak Chopra before, I suggest you look him up. He is a world renown spiritual teacher and the author of over 50 books in the field of mind-body medicine. Although what I am about to tell you is not exactly what I learned this weekend from Chopra’s lecture, there is no doubt a strong correlation between the two. I have been interested for quite some time about the Law of Attraction. Chopra’s lecture this weekend simply confirms my belief in the Law of Attraction and that it really does exist. For those of you who have never heard of the Law of Attraction before I will summarize it in a single sentence. This simple and inspiring principle is basically throwing and idea out to the universe, no matter how crazy of an idea it is, and then through the mysterious power and bizarre nature  of Law of Attraction actually achieving what it is you wanted. Now I can see people already thinking, oh yeah, I have thrown out the idea many times of wanting to be a millionaire and it hasn’t come true. It is beliefs like this that hold people back from actually achieving the Law of Attraction. So let me just tell you a little story. I guarantee that this story will blow your mind. I once dated a girl, who seemed to have this mysterious gift of attracting the most amazing things to her. It was almost as if she walked down the street with this extreme power, a superpower if you will, to achieve whatever she wanted. Amazing things seem to fall out of the sky and hit her over the head like a brick.  Before I started dating this girl, whom I will keep anonymous, she threw out into the world the idea of getting paid to travel abroad.  Sure enough, no less than 2 years later, I was sailing around the Mediterranean Sea with her on an idea that was so outlandish and extreme it was like saying I wanted to win the lottery. The both of us got paid to sail on this amazing 154 ft luxurious sailboat, with the most amazing people in the entire world. Not only did we get paid to do this trip, but we actually did very little if any actual work. So here I was a completely broke college graduate standing on a beautiful cliff with the sound of the crashing waves of the Mediterranean ocean below my feet.  Whether I was dining at a little cafe in Italy, or standing in the sand of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Greek Islands, I often wandered how this was even possible. Of course, I thought nothing of it at the time… Now almost 8 years later from my summer abroad, I am realizing that I have used the Law of Attraction throughout my entire life, I simply didn’t realize I was doing it. My friends always joke with me about how I always seem to be “lucky”, how things always seem to “work out for me”. Try and think of a person you know who is like this?  So when I actually think back to the things I have accomplished in such a short period of my existence,I am often blown away.  As a child, I always looked up to athletes and thought that they were inspiring to the world. I always had childhood dreams of being a star. I can remember in the second grade wearing a medal during class pictures that my dad had received from his career as a gymnast. I wanted to be an athlete so bad that I could already see myself up there on stage. Now almost 20 years later, I have become that person I dreamed of. Again I did not realize this until just recently. I was a professional/sponsored athlete living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have been an elite runner, mountain bike racer, rock climber, surfer, skier and bodybuilder. What is most ironic about these achievements is that I don’t think I was a born athlete, but since I wanted it so badly and believed in myself, it actually came true. I also remember as a young kid wanting to be a leader, the way a general would lead his army into battle. And once again, almost 20 years later, I am now realizing that I have been a leader my entire life. I look back even into my early years as a runner during high school in which I was my cross-country running team captain. On June 28th, 2001, I graduated from the Cape May County Police Academy with the honor of being Class President, an achievement I still feel is my greatest accomplishment to date.  It is bizarre to think that my childhood dreams have become a reality. Most recently, I had several people come up to me and said things that literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. I was told by many people over the last couple of weeks that I was one of the most inspiring people they have ever met. How ironic is it that I have also wanted to inspire people most of my life. So the point of my story is this. If the Law of Attraction does work, as it has for me, how far could someone take this concept? What would you ask for if you could do absolutely anything, even if it was something beyond your wildest dreams? To see if this concept works, I encourage you to do this one simple exercise. Write down something you want, something really really big and then takes the steps necessary to make that happen. Then watch your dream unfold right before your very eyes! For me, most of my life has been a financial struggle, so I am throwing out to the universe that I want to be financially free by the time I am 32. Now, I am taking steps to make that happen. As an aspiring author, I have been working on a book for about 22 months now. I look forward to getting it published, getting my first “big check”, making the NY Times Bestseller List and becoming financially free to live the life I have always imagined. I know this dream may seem a bit extreme, but I believe it sometimes as if it has already taken place.  So try this simple exercise and see where it takes you. Get back to me in a couple of years and tell me what has happened. Don’t be surprised if what you wanted has come true….

2 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction: This will inspire you!

  1. Kathy

    I can see you putting this in effect in your life. You are truly inspiring and a breath of fresh air. You are one of those truly free spirits who can and will achieve great thigs because you believe they are possible!
    Don’t ever change….

  2. I’ve been a follower of the Law of Attraction for a few years now and can tell you that it definitely is true! Things have always seem to come to me when I’m being true to myself, and following my passion. It got me through a very difficult time in my life, and helped me heal from a serious injury so quickly it shocked my doctors and physical therapists. Some people think this theory is just ‘mystical’ BS and they don’t believe it. I have to admit that even I, with my scientific mind, had trouble believing it at first. But everything Deepak Chopra spoke about, the whole mind/body connection, is not only real, it’s now being scientifically proven, it’s biology, chemistry and physics at work in your body all at once! Your thoughts create your world! We have so much more power over our own health and happiness than we can ever imagine…

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