The one thing money can’t buy!

This past weekend at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in the middle of Manhattan (and what felt like the center of the universe), I had the opportunity to sit amongst some of the richest people in the entire world. To think that Forbes didn’t sponsor this event still blows my mind… Sitting in my seat around all of these wealthy and abundant people made me start thinking about the age-old principle that “money can’t buy happiness”.

I came to the realization that this concept is entirely in the eyes of the beholder. Think about this question for one minute before reading the rest of the article. How much money would you have to have to be rich?

A lot of people think automatically of a number, say a million dollars or not having to work the rest of their life. For me personally, a million dollars or being jobless has nothing to do whatsoever with me being rich. Would if you made an astronomical amount at your job each year, say $500,000 annually but you worked 6 days a week, 12 hours a day and barely had time to see your family. Would that make you rich? I would consider a person like that to be very poor even though they make half a million dollars a year. So again, it gets you thinking, “What does it really mean to be rich?”. I think it entirely comes down to ones own personal attitude toward life. For many years (including right now), I didn’t have a pot to piss in. I was so broke and owed a lot of money. The credit card bills, cell phone bills, car payments and mortgage kept rolling in and I barely had enough money to get by each month. But I realize that even at all of these points in my life, I had my happiness.  And guess what, I now realize that happiness is what makes people rich.

This weekend at our Graduation Party, I was surrounded by many people on the verge of something really big. Many of these people are in similar situations as me. Some have really low paying jobs. Others are unemployed. Most are going through dramatic life changes. And you know what, ALL of the people who I graduated with from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC this past weekend have something that you couldn’t buy in a thousand years. They have a glow about them that is brighter than any light in the universe. These are the richest/wealthiest and most abundant people in the entire world. To all of my friends who are moving on from this incredible journey, I look forward to you sharing your truly special gift with the world and to give people a glimpse of the light that you carry within you. I look forward to you showing people the one thing that money couldn’t buy in ten lifetimes over…….

To all my friends at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, you are the future leaders of the world and I embrace you. Welcome these leaders into the new world…………..

Myself with Elija Sacra, who is one of top trainers in the United States, Former Marine and Martial Arts Badass/ Amber West Manhattan 10′

Two Future leaders and Health Coach Powerhouses/ Fred Lopez right and Mars Price

Kris Cooper taking over the dance floor and about to take over the health of the entire state of Connecticut/ Hudson Terrace NYC 10′

4 of the most amazing people on earth taking over the streets of NY and about to take over the world in the health care industry……

A force to reckon with. The crew about to change the health of South America: Helia Honorio, Melissa Setubal, and Sandra Xiemena/ IIN Graduation, Jazz at Lincoln Center , NYC 10′

Myself with Kelly Buwalda, Professional Dancer and acclaimed NYC Health Coach

The man himself,  Rockstar/Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Mr. Joshua Rosenthal

Myself with Mr. Alexander Dunlop, who is the next Deepok Chopra and  an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher

The most powerful classroom in the world!

***************More photos to come********************

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