The best body of your life in one simple step!

I recently spent a few days at the beach and was alarmed at how many people were carrying a “few” too many extra pounds. What is even more alarming is the fact that America’s standard for gauging extremely overweight or obese people seems to be continually changing for the worst. What exactly does this mean? Most American’s are getting fatter by the minute and don’t see anything wrong with it. Not only is people’s own perception of their bodyweight skewed but also the overall impact of their weight on their personal health and happiness.

According to Craig Willcox and  Makoto Suzuki, author’s of “The Okinawa Program”, “The Okinawa Diet Plan” and the “Okinawa Way”, “Countless studies at Harvard have been done showing that 78%of overweight people did not see their weight as a health problem”. This is very similar to the age-old rule of thumb for people who are alcoholics. The first step to alcohol recovery is admitting that you are in fact an alcoholic. I think this is where many people are starting to run into problems when it comes to being overweight or obese. How can people address the whole obesity epidemic if the very own people who are conducting these studies are overweight and obese themselves. It is a vicious cycle. You look around, see other people who are overweight and think that is “normal”. Well my friends, let me tell you a little secret. Carrying even a few too many pounds is NOT normal in any way. It is a sign that there is an imbalance in your body that needs to be fixed.

For most American’s, this imbalance all comes down to two simple things, diet and exercise. It is the law of thermodynamics. If you consume more calories than you burn on a regular basis, you’re going to get fat. I don’t mean to be so blunt here but it really is all that simple. If you eat more calories than you expend, your waistline will exponentially grow bigger year after year. So the big question here is, “Why do people not understand this simple principle?”

Dr. Barry Popkin, who is one of the leading obesity researchers in the entire world, sums up  the obesity epidemic quite nicely in his book “The World is Fat”. “Over the last half century, we’ve experienced rapid and widespread changes in how we eat, drink and move.  We live in a fat world because the human body- a product of many millennia of evolution- can’t keep up with these changes. How we react to the different components of our diet-both beverages and foods- and to the movement patterns of our daily lives goes back millions of years” explains Popkin. Of course, what he mentions here is directly linked to the Law of Thermodynamics and the Eat less/Move More approach to weight loss.

By now you are probably wondering what the one simple step is to a better body. So here it is… You ready for it… Eat less and move more. PERIOD. There is really no other way of putting it. Most people who have problems with their weight do not get enough physical activity and eat WAY TOO MANY calories. Basically they are on the move less/ eat more principle which is a recipe for being fat and unhealthy.  So simply change the way you think about this concept and your weight loss will almost immediately start happening. Now, I am not saying to go out and run a marathon and starve yourself at the same time. Slowly increase your physical activity to 1 hour daily, five days a week. Also, try to eat nutritionally dense, low caloric foods.  Fruits and Veggies do the trick for this one. So eat em up, loads of them, as frequently as you like. Whenever your hungry, stuff your face with as many veggies as you can eat.  I can guarantee that this will work not just for you reading this right now, but for every single person on the face of the earth.

In a world where nutrition is about as controversial a topic as the abortion debate, a few principles stand true that not a single person in the world could argue against. I’m saying that not a single nutritionist, personal trainer, medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, registered dietitian or health coach would argue against what I am about to say.

Rule #1- Veggies and Fruit are probably good for you and you should eat more of them.

Rule #2- Exercising daily is a great way maintain a healthy body weight.

Combine these 2 basic rules into the Eat Less/ Move More Principle and you will reap the benefits of the easiest and fastest “diet” in the world. You want a better body? You want a flatter stomach? You want a toner butt? You want to never have a problem with your weight again? You want to never go on a “diet” for the rest of your life? Follow one  simple rule. EAT LESS and MOVE MORE. PERIOD!

If anyone reading this is struggling with their weight, simply know that you are not alone and that I CAN HELP. Please log on to to find out more about my weight loss programs. If you cannot afford to work with me, I will still find a way to help you. My personal email is I hope to hear from you and to help you achieve your dreams………

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