The Dark Side of America’s Favorite “Health” Beverage!

As if water wasn’t healthy enough, there are now dozen’s of companies marketing “hooked up” sports drinks that claim to be better than water. But is the market for these so-called miracle drinks backed by science or pure propaganda? Let’s let you decide!  

Ever since the Coca Cola Company bought Glaceau’s benchmark product back in 2007, it has been a HUGE success. The product in question, Vitaminwater, now has one of the largest annual sales revenues of any drink on planet earth. But is Vitaminwater all that it is cracked up to be?

Surely one would think that H2O with added vitamins has to be a great option for the thirst deprived but upon closer inspection you will see another side to the story. The other side, as many nutrition experts and journalists call the “dark side”, is getting much of the media spotlight these days; and for a good reason.

The Coca Cola Company, which owns  Vitaminwater, is currently under a massive lawsuit by the Center for Science in the Public Interest(aka CSPI). The CSPI, which is a Washington, D.C. based non-profit, is suing the company on the grounds that the companies vitaminwater products makes unwarranted health claims. In a nutshell, the CSPI is arguing that Vitaminwater is nothing more than hyped up sugar-water.

What is most unusual about the lawsuit, actually lets call it downright bizarre, is how the company is defending itself. Lawyers for Coca Cola are defending the lawsuit by asserting that “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.” John Robbins, who is a NY Time’s Best Selling author of two books including “The New Good Life” and “Diet For A New America”, responds in a quite amusing fashion. After hearing the companies absurd response to the lawsuit, Robbin says “Does this mean that you’d have to be an unreasonable person to think that a product named “Vitaminwater”, a product that is heavily and aggressively marketed as a healthy beverage, actually had health benefits?” “Or does it mean that it is okay for a corporation to lie about its products, as long as they can then turn around and claim that no one actually believes their lies?” Robbins exclaims.

Click on this link to watch the New 2010 Vitaminwater Commercial/ And they say it’s not making “health claims”

But back to the question at hand, “Is Vitaminwater a healthy beverage”. I regret to inform you on the matter at hand, especially for those beloved Vitaminwater fans out there, but the answer is NO. Vitaminwater, is hyped up sugar-water with about a penny of snythetic vitamins added to it. The amount of sugar in vitaminwater is no miniscule amount either. There are over 30 grams of sugar per bottle. It is important to note here that most American’s consume too much sugar as it is, so this so-called “healthy” beverage is doing nothing but increasing our rates of obesity and diabetes.

To top things off, American’s are consuming on average nearly 1/4 of their total daily calories in the form of liquid beverages. This is a HUGE problem because for drinks like vitamin water, there are added calories but absolutely no fiber. Remember here folks, that fiber is what makes us feel full and satiated. When you consume Vitaminwater and other drinks like Gatorade, Powerade  and Skinny Water, just remember that you are simply adding unnecessary calories to your day. 

So next time you go to grab one of America’s favorite beverages, I would think twice about the decision you are making. No matter how many companies try to enhance their products, WATER is still the best source for hydration. There are 0 calories meaning you can drink as much as you want. And water will not affect your insulin levels in any way, shape or form(as Vitamin Water does). If your craving something sweet, try drinking coconut water. A standard 8 ounce serving of coconut water has loads of potassium, a small amount of “natural” sugars from the fruit itself and very few calories. Now that’s a “healthy” beverage…….

3 thoughts on “The Dark Side of America’s Favorite “Health” Beverage!

  1. Gigi

    Thanks so much for bringing this to light Curt. I agree that coconut water is a great alternative to other electrolyte drinks like Gatorade. The only downside is its large carbon footprint as much of it comes from Brazil. One of my favorite summertime drinks is cucumber mint water (just sliced cucumbers and mint leaves in some filtered water) – very refreshing 🙂

  2. janice g.

    I have learned a lot of valuable info with regards to the benefits of whole and natural foods vs fractured and wrecked foods and have changed my shopping and eating habits accordingly. THank you, Curtis MacNeill for your helpful and life-changing tips.
    grateful and appreciative,
    janice g.

  3. Matt Kelsch

    And as if the phony health claims aren’t enough, the environmental cost of these plastic bottles is enormous. The bottles pollute of our land and are found in massive trash islands in our oceans.

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