What makes a vacation an “epic” one? Read this before going on your next journey!

So here I am sitting at my kitchen table after the most amazing 11 days of my entire life while on a vacation down in Mexico. Since I got back, I have been thinking  how “epic” this vacation really was for me. I started thinking to myself, what really makes a vacation an “epic” one? You know what kind of vacation I’m talking about; one that you will NEVER forget!  The kind of vacation that you find yourself thinking about day in and day out. The one that brings a big smile to your face every time you think about it.

Question: So what really makes a vacation an “epic” one?


  1. Epic is going down to Mexico when all your friends and family tell you NOT to go (because Mexico is really dangerous right now)!
  2. Epic is driving through a blizzard to get to your vacation after being told your should sleep at the gas station and get off the road (people were sleeping at a Subway and convenient store to avoid driving in the storm)!
  3. Epic is being searched at 4′ o clock in the morning by US Border Patrol outside of Jaurez and having drug dogs in your vehicle!
  4. Epic is being searched 2 additional times in the next 6 hours and having to take every single bag out of your car!
  5. Epic is running over a Mexican “Speed Bubble” and bending 2 rims and losing 2 hub caps 2,000 miles away from home!
  6. Epic is being searched at gunpoint by mexican military and being forced to get out of the car!
  7. Epic is having a guy with a machine gun hold up your climbing harness and stare at it for 10 minutes like it’s and alien from mars!
  8. Epic is having to stop at a Mexican highway road block and seeing dudes standing in the back of a Humvee with a rocket launcher pointed at your car!
  9. Epic is having these same guys wearing masks over their face and holding M-16 machine guns!
  10. Epic is rolling into the campground where we were staying after 30 hours of driving and realizing that we are “safe”!
  11. Epic is climbing the first day in Mexico in weather colder than Colorado!
  12. Epic is bailing after 5 pitches of a 10 pitch climb because your fingers were so cold you couldn’t feel them!
  13. Epic is going from climbing in brutally cold weather and then the next day it’s 80 degrees!
  14. Epic is climbing all day in the hot sun and then realizing that your drank more tequila and beer that day than you did water!
  15. Epic is attempting Time Wave Zero, which is the longest sport climb in the world at 2,300 feet!
  16. Epic is running out of water and food half way up that same climb!
  17. Epic is climbing 2,000 feet and realizing you’re not going to see the amazing views at the summit because it will be dark!
  18. Epic is having to turn around from that same climb and rappel for 5 hours all in the dark!
  19. Epic is standing on the ground for the first time after hanging on the walls for 14 hours.
  20. Epic is waking up the next day with bruised hips, ripped up fingers and feeling utterly destroyed!
  21. Epic is buying a top shelf bottle of tequila for 8 dollars and drinking it on your rest day!
  22. Epic is climbing Celestial Omnibus, which is an overhanging tufa route that starts 200 feet off the ground!
  23. Epic is having a ton of rope out on that same climb and having a hold break off!
  24. Epic is taking a massive whip several hundred feet off the ground with nothing but 200 feet of air below you!
  25. Epic is sending your hardest climb outside on your second try!
  26. Epic is the guacamole I made and ate every single night I was in Mexico (Avocado’s are dirt cheap)!
  27. Epic is thinking that a climb is impossible and not being able to do the start move!
  28. Epic is working the same “impossible” route for 2 days and getting almost to the top of the climb!
  29. Epic is rock climbing at El Potrero Chico, Mexico!

The following are photos of this epic vacation!!!!

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