Get ripped this summer and never touch a weight! Find out how……

Just for the record, this is not an article about a new miracle supplement or the next weight machine guaranteed to get you a 6 pack in less than 10 minutes a day. We have all seen those ads.  What this article will illustrate is how YOU can get an amazing/ ripped physique and never once step foot on a treadmill or pick up a dumbbell. Are you ready for the answer to the “new” you?  It’s called rock climbing. Now, I can see what your thinking already, “I don’t live anywhere near mountains”. And I would respond by saying to you, “No big deal”. In fact, rock climbing is closer to your front door than you could ever imagine. Bill Zimmerman, who is executive director of the Climbing Wall Association, guesstimates that the number of indoor climbing gyms in the US is somewhere around 400 according to an article found in a January 2010 issue of Climbing Magazine.

Through quick research on, you will be amazed that no matter where you live in the country, an indoor climbing facility is right around the corner. Baton Rouge, Louisiana; check. Miami, Florida; check. Bellevue, WA; check.  From the white sandy beaches of the southeast, to remote locations in the Pacific Northwest, to the plains of the Midwest, there are climbing gyms and routes for every ability level of climber in every location of the country. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a major city in the US that doesn’t have a climbing gym within city limits!

 Never climbed before? No problem. Most, if not all, indoor climbing facilities in the United States offer some kind of instructional classes or safety courses on how to get involved in the popular and fast growing sport of indoor rock climbing.

Not only is indoor rock climbing fun (whether you’re doing a guy’s night out or your on a first date), it is an incredible workout. Even if you are one of the 5+ day a week gym going/weight lifting crowd, don’t be alarmed if you DON’T have the best body in the climbing gym. Most indoor climbing gyms in the US house a hardcore following of iron clad, extremely ripped physiques running around shirtless after a long day at the office. Truth be told, all forms of climbing, whether indoor or outdoor, uses an incredible amount of core strength and body weight conditioning. Think about this for a minute.  Your doing pull ups from every different body position imaginable. Your grabbing hold of things from different angles which tweaks muscles in your forearms and biceps that you didn’t even know you had. Your placing constant tension on your entire abdominal region as you slowly climb up the wall. Indoor rock climbing could quite possibly be one of the best all around conditioning workouts to get a lean and hard body.

I have been actively involved in sports my entire life and I can honestly say that the “climbing folk” have some of the best bodies of anyone I have ever seen.  Most everyday climbers have physiques similar to World Cup Soccer Players or UFC fighters.  In fact, in most cases, they are significantly more lean and defined than other athletes performing at the elite level. This is not to say that David Beckham or a popular UFC fighter doesn’t have a great body, I’m simply stating that indoor rock climbing can get you a Men’s Health Cover(or Women’s Health) body quicker than you would ever think possible.

What kind of body am I talking about here? Think Brad Pitt in Fight Club(super lean) as opposed to Brad Pitt in Troy(super muscular). Climbing teaches your body to pull against its own weight in the most efficient manner possible. And as a result, your body gets lean and hard in a way that is most beneficial for everyday life. Your lean, strong and what I would call “functionally fit”; not to mention your body will look better than ever in the bedroom.

The type of training involved with rock climbing is nothing new either. Body Builders do similar exercises during their “cutting” phases. The new trend in cross fit type workouts and Gym Jones style facilities that are popping up all around the US do the exact same type of body weight conditioning.

As a personal trainer and fitness coach at one of the nation’s premier climbing gyms located in climbing town USA, Boulder, Colorado, I have trained thousands of sessions with all walks of life, from senior citizens to elite athletes. And let me tell you one thing. There is NO better way to get ripped than to start indoor climbing!  Never get on an elliptical. Never touch a weight. EVER. All you have to do is climb………

To locate a climbing gym nearest you, log onto and click on your state.

The author doing his usual “gym” routine……….

Curt MacNeill is a former professional /sponsored athlete, personal trainer, health coach, nutrition consultant. He trains and coaches out of the Boulder Rock Club in one of the most fit cities in America; Boulder Colorado…..

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