Obtain great health, wealth and prosperity in one simple step! This time tested method will help you get WHATEVER it is you desire…..

I have lived an absolutely amazing life and if I have learned one thing along the way, it is to “Believe in Myself”. Perhaps it is just pure luck, but I have achieved absolutely everything in my life that I have wanted by following one simple principle. Curious as to what this principle  is? Please read on….

It has been known for centuries that the simple principle known as “The Law Of Attraction” helps people get what they want.  Documented and well researched for hundreds and hundreds of years, the “Law of Attraction” allows people to sometimes overcome the impossible, to get the impossible, simply by doing one thing; using your mind! A great example of this was portrayed to me by Bernie Siegel M.D., a famous Cornell University Medical School graduate and award-winning author who is renown for helping thousands of patients worldwide with a concept known as “Patient Empowerment”. Last year I was in New York City where I had the privilege of meeting this very special person and to this day his lecture has changed my life. Listen to this absolutely amazing story!

You have 2 people who are diagnosed with the exact same cancer on the exact same day by the exact same doctor at the exact same hospital. Both patients with Stage 3 Cancer are given 6 months to live.  After being told the news, Patient #1 reacts negatively and begins to cry. In his mind, he has been fighting this “disease” for several years and there is no hope. He believes that he got cancer because of some bad luck and that there is nothing he can do. Patient #2 reacts very differently to the same bad news. Patient #2 smiles and believes in her mind that she has gotten cancer for a reason and that she can beat it. She dismisses the doctor’s belief that she will die and continues to think positively about the outcome. Patient #1 dies 4 months later, exactly in the time frame that the doctor explained. Remarkably, Patient #2 lives for 2 more years!

The reason why I am telling this story is because it pertains directly to the “Law of Attraction”. Patient #2 believed in themself and kept a positive attitude while Patient #1 had a negative attitude and believed that they were doomed! Patient #2 was literally using their mind to keep them alive. Whether its great wealth you want, optimum health, or ultimate happiness, the key to unlock this magical secret is to just think positive and believe in yourself. The most amazing thing about the “Law of Attraction” is when you actually experience it first hand. The empowering thing about the “Law of Attraction” is that if you experience it first hand in one area of you life, there is no reason why you can’t experience it in ALL areas of your life. 

Here are some personal experiences I have had using the “Law of Attraction”.

1. My girlfriend and I wanted to get paid to travel the world.  One year later, we were sitting on an exotic 154 foot Italian sailboat in the middle of the Mediterranean getting paid to travel to places like Italy, Greece, Croatia, Monaco, etc.

2. During that trip we realized that we wanted to buy our next place we lived in as opposed to renting. Keep in mind that everyone told us this would be impossible. I was told that “No one travels the world, gets back and buys a house when they don’t have a job”. “No bank would ever give us a loan”, barked my friends and family. 6 months later, I was sitting on my plush leather couch in my newly purchased condo!

3. When I was a young boy, I remember riding the chair lift up at Elk Mountain(where I learned how to ski) watching some guy ripping down the slope below me.  The guy did a helicopter(a 360 degree rotation in the air) off a mogul. This was probably 25 years ago and to this day I can still picture exactly what the guy was wearing! Riding the chairlift, I thought to myself that I wanted to do that. Almost 20 years later, my skiing far surpassed the guy I saw skiing underneath the chairlift. At the time, I was living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming as a sponsored/professional athlete. Throwing backflips off  HUGE cliffs was part of the norm and I was one of the best skiers in one of the best ski towns in America.

4. I remember in my early 20’s watching mountain bike video’s of guys riding the Whistler Bike Park in Canada on the television and my jaw dropped. I wanted to do what those riders were doing! The only problem is I wasn’t any good and had not a clue how to jump a bike. 5 years later, I had spent 3 consecutive summers in Whistler and became one of the best riders in the bike park.

5. Most recently, I wanted to become a 5.12(which is a very high level) rock climber. Climbing at that grade and difficulty seemed nearly impossible given that I started so late in my life. But, I believed in myself. I now climb 5.13…….

                                                              Surpassing my wildest dreams and climbing at the 5.13 level…….

6. One year ago I applied for a job at the St. Julien knowing I can make a lot of money. It is the only 4 diamond Hotel and Spa in Boulder, Colorado. I knew when I was living in NY that I wanted to move back to Boulder and get a job there to help pay for my expensive lifestyle and schooling. Now, over 1 year later, I work at the St. Julien in one of the highest paying jobs in the hotel.

Do you think all of these things are a coincidence? Am I just a crazy lucky person? It seems as if I get whatever it is I want. How is this possible….. You have probably used the “Law of Attraction” on numerous occasions and didn’t even realize it. Think about something basic like wanting to go on a vacation. You probably thought about it enough, starting planning where you were going, where you were going to stay, who you were going to go with, etc. Eventually, you probably went on this vacation and had a blast!

In a nutshell, your thoughts, dreams and desires ultimately become reality. If this powerful principle is true and you can use it to make a dream vacation happen, Well then theoretically you could take any dream and turn it into reality right? Why don’t you start thinking about the impossible? Why don’t you start thinking about what it is exactly you want? Once you have what you want written down on paper, think about it every day. Think about it every day when you wake up. Think about it every day when you go to sleep. Dream about it while you are sleeping. Just don’t be alarmed when it comes true and I give the big old “I told you so” speech”!

I wish I could get through to people more that ANYONE can achieve ANYTHING they want through this way of thinking. Simply change the way you think to coincide with the “Law of Attraction”, believe in yourself and watch your wildest dreams come true………..

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