Avoid getting sick this fall by doing one simple thing! This is perhaps the easiest way to beat a cold once you have it….

The summer has been scorching hot here in Boulder, Colorado and one for the record books. Many parts of the country have experienced record-breaking heat as well. Neighboring Denver had their longest stretch of temperatures above 90 degrees this summer than ever before. Despite being extremely hot this summer, most people in Colorado seemed to make the best of it. Campsites were full all the time. Restaurant patio’s were overflowing into the city streets. Local swimming holes were packed from dawn til dusk. Many of the areas beautiful parks experienced record visits including Rocky Mountain National Park, Eldorado Springs and Rifle Mountain Park. It’s been a great summer for me as well with lots of fun and exciting activities to keep me motivated. I have climbed, hiked, camped, biked and spent most of the summer in our surrounding playgrounds, the mountains! In fact, I have spent so much time outside this summer that people are beginning to mistake me for Italian or Mexican, I’m that tan! Yes, summer is an amazing time of year and here in Colorado it’s quickly coming to an end. This may sound a bit weird to most people reading this from other parts of the country where the heat is still very intense, but September 1st here in healthy town USA has marked the start of a big change. Literally overnight, the weather went from being super hot to cool and rainy. It happened so fast that it caught most of us off guard. Today marks the first day I can remember in at least 2 1/2 months that I woke up to rain outside my window. My first step into the cold wet air today was almost overwhelming. The air felt so crisp and so refreshing that it brought pure joy into my body. Yes folks, fall is on the way!

The change of seasons is truly one of my favorite times of year. September marks a time when the leaves start changing, the days start feeling noticeably shorter and the air seems to get crisper with each passing day. Perhaps one of the biggest changes one can feel is in their own bodies. Most people catch their first “cold” of the season the second the cooler temps hit. Right now in Boulder is a true test to this age-old theory. I know several people who are feeling a bit “under the weather”. And as the weather gets colder in the approaching months, our chances of becoming sick greatly increases with each passing day. So your probably wondering if there is anything you can do to prevent getting sick as the change in seasons happen? The answer is absolutely! Most people don’t realize that the single easiest way to prevent themselves from catching a cold cost’s little to nothing. This sickness prevention does not come over the counter or in the form of a pill. It’s also something that everyone can master with ease. So are you ready for it? The answer lies in one single word, “Rest”. I know, I know… I know what your thinking right now. This all too apparent response however is something that many people forget to do! We all literally drive our bodies into the dirt and every now and again we need some time to recoup, to recharge the battery so to speak. I have seen this time and time again where people get sick immediately following summer, as people are now, because their bodies are physically beat down. Think about it for a minute. What happens to a car when it reaches the point of exhaustion? It breaks down right? The same thing happens to our bodies, so in a sense getting sick is quite a “blessing”. If we were never to get sick, our bodies and our minds would just keep going and going and going like the Energizer bunny rabbit. The problem with it is that there comes a point in time when you just can’t go anymore, when you just run out juice! This is why most people get sick and one of the easiest and cheapest remedies is to just simply relax.

Usually when I am feeling a cold coming on, I will cancel out all things in my schedule and just simply be. I rent a bunch of movies and just have a movie marathon. Often times, doing this for one single day is all I need to bounce back and be feeling great. I also do something very different than most people on this key rest day. I also DO NOT eat any food. This may seem bizarre to most people but this is one of the single greatest things you can do if you are on the verge of getting sick. Think about this for a minute. You are exerting minimal energy my having a lazy day and just lounging around the house so why do most people feel the need to eat. You eat for energy right? So if you’re not using energy you don’t need your body to create energy? Also, it is important to note here that people spend loads of energy from their bodies digesting foods. If you are getting sick, your body needs that exact same energy to help beat the “cold”. It’s literally as simple as that. If you don’t believe me just look at what animals do! All animals when they are sick do nothing but rest. Most of the same animals also sustain from eating. It’s as if they know their own bodies better than humans do. To an extent, I would say that they are right! If you hurt your ankle, you don’t walk on it. If you break your hand, you don’t use that hand.

So next time your feeling sick, just simply sit back, kick your feet up and do some plain old relaxing! Watch a movie. Read a book. Write in a journal. The last time I checked you didn’t need to consume calories(or energy) in order to do theses activities. Having the mentality to rest and fast(no eating) is the single best way to beat any cold!

It amazes me to think that people don’t quite get this concept. Most people get sick and the first thing they do is run to the store and get some over the counter drugs. A large percentage of these items are literally worthless in helping to fight the common cold, not to mention many of them are potentially dangerous to your own personal health. So next time your feeling a cold coming on, wake up, smell the roses and start relaxing. There is literally nothing more beneficial than some enjoyable downtime coupled with fasting and drinking some herbal teas and juices.  Best of all, there are no side effects and it works twice as fast as anything you could buy at the store. Trust me! Try it and you will be thanking me later….

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