10 Simple Tips to get the SEXIEST body of your life…

Just when I thought that America was making some headway towards the fight against adult and childhood obesity, I learned of some startling news. Despite 2011 being a record-breaking year in sales for the natural and organic food industries(which is a sure sign that times are changing), American waistlines are still continuing to grow at epic rates. In fact, recent numbers are indicating that we as a society are losing the battle against obesity. Statistics by the CDC are indicating that in upwards of 60 to 70 % of America is fat! I am simply blown away by this statistic and a bit shameful that my country I live in is in such bad shape. America is supposed to be a dominant country right? I mean, our military is the largest and most bad ass in the world. “America is one of the best places to live in the world”, say the masses. But unfortunately, a large percentage of our population is fat and pathetic. Yes folks, there is no way to sugarcoat this and I apologize if I offend anyone but something has got to change here. I live in the definitive healthiest state in America for a reason. There are endless ways to live a healthy lifestyle and more healthy people as a result of it. The funny thing here is that I don’t think people understand the difference in quality of life between being overweight and being of normal weight. Let me repeat myself as I have said in many past articles I have written. Being fit will improve ALL areas of your life. Fitter people of normal body weight typical have less stress in their lives, they are happier, more optimistic, do better at work, and excel in all areas of their life more than there out of shape counterparts. And if this is not enough to persuade you to throw the cheeseburger in the trash and buy a new pair of running shoes than maybe this will. There are literally hundreds of well documented and well referenced studies indicating that people who are in shape have significantly better sex lives. Sounds pretty good ehh? Fit people have a higher sex drive, more frequent and better sex and a significant increase in self-esteem about their body image. And as much as you don’t want to admit it, each year you wait the more difficult it is to get back into shape!

So the big questions here is what’s stopping you from making today the first day to your new life and new body? It really only takes 6 months(literally half a year) to make a big change that you can see. I am not talking about stepping on a scale here and weighing less either. Of course, if you get more fit you will lose a significant about of body fat and weigh less when you’re tipping the scale. But real motivation and excitement comes when you stand in front of a mirror naked and like what you see. I laugh with clients of mine all the time about this and despite people putting in hard work at the gym for different reasons, ultimately looking better without any clothes on is top priority for most. Even if people don’t tell me this straight forward, I know that not a single person will object to having a better body! This is reality. And you know what? Changing your body is also a reality. It is not that difficult to get something when you want it that bad. The more motivated a person is the quicker they get results, PERIOD! You could take most fit people and put them in a new body(a significantly overweight one for instance) and I guarantee that the person would be back to their old bodies within 6 months.Think of being really fit as a drug? The more you do it, the more you want it. Once you see what a sexy and fit body can do for you, you will never go back. All the hard work, change in eating patterns, whatever sacrifices you may make won’t matter in the slightest. And an important thing here is that at some point it becomes super easy to maintain your new body. I have 5 % body fat(yes ladies I have a six-pack) and I have been on cruise control for years, meaning I don’t have to do much to maintain my lean and hard body. Curious as to how I do it? Keep reading…

I am guessing that if I told you you could go to sleep one night and wake up with a new lean and sexy body but it would cost 50,000 dollars, I bet that most people would go straight to the bank to take out a loan. This is how bad people want it! The funny thing is here is that it costs significantly less, but yet people seem to lack the motivation and determination to do it on their own. What gives here? Seriously? In reality it will cost a couple of hundred more bucks a month in your eating and about $65 to $85 on the high-end for a monthly gym membership. I have clients of mine who make the argument that they can’t afford to eat healthier or buy a gym membership or purchase a pack of training sessions from me and my response is always the same. Everyone spends money on what their priorities are right? So if you make living a healthier lifestyle a priority, money will seem to magically appear for the things necessary to live that lifestyle? I have been dead broke for a large portion of my life and one thing I have always had is a gym membership! Seriously, I have not had a pot to piss in at several points in my life but yet somehow I magically came up with the money for a membership. Make it a priority and you will some how magically find the money necessary. It’s that easy! Of course you will have to make sacrifices in order to get this new body and new healthy lifestyle.

Follow these simple rules and your NEW-SEXY-TONED and BETTER FEELING BODY is right around the corner!

1. Adjust your caloric intake daily based on your caloric expenditure. This is a no brainer here but most people never do it. Regardless of how many calories someone burns in a day, most people eat the exact same amount day in and day out. For instance, do you think you more burn more calories sitting at a desk all day at work or on your day off playing with your kids and cleaning your house? It’s not that difficult!

2. Avoid fake foods at all cost. The typical American Diet consists largely on things that I wouldn’t even consider real food. Cookies, cakes, pasta, chips and most common snacks are overly processed junk foods. They are made in laboratories and are horrendous for your health.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Make at least half of your meals and snacks consist of healthy fruits and vegetables. This will help fill you up, increase the amount of fiber your consuming and just may help fend off that a future illness!

4. Rule of 5- This is one of the famous NY Times Bestselling author Michael Pollan’s Mantras here and a valuable lesson. Don’t eat things that contain more than 5 ingredients in them. How many ingredients does fish or broccoli have? Yes, the answer is one because they are “Real foods”.

5. Don’t eat things you can’t pronounce! Go down the snack isle at your local grocery store and read the label of a common snack food you normally purchase. I guarantee that there are numerous ingredients that sound like a chemical weapon from the Cold War. If you can’t pronounce them then don’t eat them. Period!

6. Learn to appreciate food. Most people just eat foods for the sake of eating foods. Learn to eat healthy things that you truly enjoy and make eating a sacred experience(because that’s exactly what it is!). I often find myself lighting a candle at the dinner table, cracking open a bottle of wine and truly savoring the experience. It’s not often that most people ever do this!

7. Eat at the dinner table! This seems a bit out-of-place but in reality people seem to eat everywhere but where they are supposed to. I once watched a gentlemen walk across a busy intersection with a brief case in one hand and a burning hot slice of pizza in the other. He was struggling with trying to walk, carry his brief case and eat without getting any grease or cheese on his suit. C’mon people! Take 15 minutes out of your hectic day to sit down and actually enjoy what you are eating.

8. Eat smaller more frequent meals. This is a great way to have constant energy and to turn your body into a metabolic fat burning machine. In a nutshell, your body gets use to being fed regularly so it learns to use the calories fast and efficiently.

9. Don’t starve yourself! Unfortunately, this is something far too many people do, especially women! The word diet comes from the Greek word “Diata” which literally means way of life. If someone goes on a diet, they should literally change their lifestyle. It does not mean starving yourself and going through a roller coaster patter of eating in order to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest period of time.

10. Get daily exercise. This is the missing link in most peoples daily lives. Start making it a point to do a form of exercise that you love each and every day. Notice here, I did not say go to the gym every day. Something healthy that you enjoy could mean taking a walk in your neighborhood or riding a bike to go grab some lunch. It’s that easy.

The author following these simple tips gets to reap the benefits of a lean, fit and healthy body!


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