Curt’s Climbing

IMG_2356My story is simple.

I was born an athlete. It’s what I live to do. When I was a little grom, I didn’t live in the greatest of neighborhoods and my brother and I were always getting into trouble. My parents needed to find me a way “out”; Sports was it. Now nearly 30 years after finding my way into my first athletic endeavors at the age of 5, climbing has found me. I have pushed the limits of my physical ability in everything that I have done. I have excelled at many. I ran entire seasons on a competitive running team and went undefeated. I shattered course records around the state of N.J. and held many high school records. I eventually and proudly made it to my high schools athletic “Hall of Fame”. In the midst of being offered full scholarships for running, I picked up mountain bike racing to pass the time while waiting out a running injury. I won my first bike race by a long shot and practically every race I entered after that.

I also went through a stint of wanting to be a police officer after college, landing myself a job with the North Wildwood Police Department. During my training at the Cape May County Police Academy, I laid down the most pull ups ever recorded since the 1980 opening by any recruit. My record still stands to this day. I have been a very successful athlete in every single sport I have ever done.  The important thing is that I don’t attribute any of my successes to raw talent in any way, shape or form. My strength as an athlete has and always will be both my determination and motivation. It is for this very notion that I was able to take the sport of skiing to the highest level, ultimately performing for nearly 5 consecutive years as a professional/fully sponsored athlete for the Libety Ski’s Pro Team. I have been told by many that I am the most inspirational, motivational and dedicated athlete that they have ever met. This is probably the accomplishment I am most proud of. All of my running medals or other sport victories don’t even come close.

I strive to not only be the best athlete I can be but to turn my passion into encouragement. Thankfully, many years after all my sports accomplishments, I found rock climbing. Picking up the sport of rock climbing in my mid-twenties has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life and to this day is my main driving force. Despite having a full time job in the wine industry, I still manage to stay motivated at the highest level and continuously progress. And, in all reality, despite rock climbing not paying the bills, it remains the most important part of my life. I train extremely hard and have “earned” every success that I achieved thus far. I believe that this is just the beginning. My ultimate goal in life as a rock climber and athlete is to push others the same way I have pushed myself. I believe that anyone is capable of achieving anything if they put their mind to it…

Bring it on!

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